Terms and Conditions


All transactions are processed in UK Pounds Sterling using Paypal.

Voucher redemption

Golf Deals Group’ vouchers are not redeemable for cash, and vouchers must be used before the expiry date. Combining vouchers with other special offers, discounts and promotions, is entirely at the discretion of the business providing the offer.

Refund policy

Golf Deals Group do not usually give refunds if a buyer changes their mind about wanting the deal or is unable to take up the offer for personal reasons. However if you have any problems when redeeming or using your voucher at a business or club, please contact us and we will make every effort to resolve the matter. As well, Golf Deals Group will always refund the purchase price or exchange the Golf Deals Group voucher where we have made a mistake, for example if the Golf Deals Group voucher that we issued was not for the product that was advertised.


Golf Deals Group reserves the right to decline a purchase for any reason. The reason may be, but is not limited to, the unavailability of a product or service, an error in the price or product description, or an error in the buyer’s order. In the instance that your order were to be cancelled, Golf Deals Group will refund your payment in full.

Voucher Validity and Expiry Time Frame

The voucher expiry time varies for each deal, and will be clearly listed in the ‘Deal Terms’. The validity period and expiry date will also be clearly detailed in the voucher itself that is emailed to you. You must redeem your voucher within the valid time period.


Golf Deals Group is not liable for any acts, defaults or omissions by any third party, such as businesses providing offers through our website. For example,if a business making an offer failed to supply the relevant goods or services, in whole or in part, when the buyer tried to redeem a voucher, or if the purchaser incurred costs such as travel costs when redeeming the voucher.

Neither Golf Deals Group nor the businesses providing the discounted offers take any responsibility for lost or stolen vouchers.

Refer a Friend and Receive 5 Pounds Credit

When you refer a friend using the link on this website, if that friend visits the site and purchases a deal, your account will be credited 5 pounds for each friend you refer. This credit will automatically be deducted from your next deal purchase and displayed in your shopping cart. This does not apply if the friend you refer is already a Golf Deals Group customer. Any credit from a referral or a promotional offer cannot be used to buy a product via the retail deals section or Insurance products through InsureforGolf.com.

Discount Codes

Any discount codes we send out are for use on any deals on our site with the exclusion of Golf Insurance supplied by insureforgolf.com and any goods in the retail section supplied by online golf as both of these parties are a 3rd party and any code will not work on their site.