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Here At WLMgolf I Believe In Keeping Things As Simple As Possible.I start My Analysis Of The Swing From The Ground Up Taking Care to Build The Correct Foundation To Allow Us To Swing The Club In an Efficent Effective Manner. Key Points Are Good Grip ,Posture ,Balance Alignment And Often Overlooked Good Ball Position Relevant To Each Individual Golfers Address Position.

I Am A Qualified Master Teaching Professional And. A Certified Eyeline Golf Putting Instructor. I Believe that every golfer has a swing trait that is individual to their body shape and bearing this in mind I teach every golfer as an individual no one swing fits all method .

I Like To use As Much Of Your Natural Swing As I Can When Ever Possible And With The Use Of Video Analysis And Simple Easy To Understand Explanation Of What Needs To Improve To Start Making The Required Changes To Help Elevate Your Game To The Next Level .So Regardless Of Your Current Playing Ability I Am Confident I Can Raise Your Playing Ability And Help You Achieve What You Are Searching For In Your Golf Career And Make Your Golf More Enjoyable Help to Get Your Handicap Down To Your Desired Level.and Increse Your Skill,Levels

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